Great collection WooCommerce Showcase with Nitro WooCommerce theme. [Weekly Updates]

WooCommerce is definitely the most popular eCommerce solution in the WordPress plugins ecosystem. However, in reality how the real web shop looks like using WooCommerce in combination with themes and plugins? In this post we’ll be drafting a few WooCommerce showcase examples using Nitro WooCommerce theme. Let’s move on

Tom Astin – The first Nitro theme WooCommerce showcase in fashion

Well, talking about fashion in our mind there is the clear favorite WooCommerce website made with Nitro theme for the Swedish brand Tom Astin. The shop sitemap contains different categories from bow-ties, cufflinks, neckties to “special sets.” Those categories the shopper can easily get access via the home entrance page or via the menu. Btw, the menu is “sticky,” so the customer doesn’t miss the next step movement of this website. Right after the menu navigation the customer could easily find the product via Nitro WooCommerce product search built – in functionality realized with “search icon.”


The category layout has been customized in a simple way without products filter, but instead focusing on the product and how it will look like in real use. The top background image is customizable, and each category has the own unique background image. For “bow-ties” you’d see the product featured in the background clearly.


The good way to sell the product is showcasing how the product is used in reality. In this example, just mouse hover the mice with one of the product on the website. Voila you can see how bow-ties “Shaken, not stirred” perfectly fitted to the man’s model.


The product page has been configured with the standard Nitro layout. The nonstandard feature on this page is “Share for Discounts.” The shopper can get the good discount by spreading the message about the product via a social network like Facebook or Twitter. Nitro works great with these social services APIs.Let’s say when the shopper click on “Tweet” button there is the window pop – up appears with the message containing the product name and link to this product. The message can be easily customized to own preferences to optimize.


Fashion is a popular topic in the eCommerce industry. However, there are online shops targeting to different and funny products like pets accessories. In the example below the shop owner executed a great creativity with using Nitro electronics niche and modifying it to “pet the world”. Then brand we’re talking about is MZpets. Just take a look at what it’s designed by default.


And below is the result of webmaster fantasy…


Product category page contains improved UX elements such as Product Search, recent products box and WooCommerce Products Filter feature from our partner realmag777 (also the Elite author on Codecanyon marketplace).


The customization touches small details like the menu icons making easy to understand what’s in the product category. It’s not something hard to make, and minimum CSS customization here. The icons you see is the thumbnail image of WooCommerce categories. As for the menu, it’s used one of custom made Visual Composer element which is available only in Nitro theme.


About Us page is simple and tells important information about this brand. The default icon Nitro theme has been re-used well showcasing the benefits of buying at this web shop. Thus, increasing the shopper trust and improving the conversion rate.


Nitro theme can be customized more and what’s next is unpredictable: this was an interesting guess try from our team. The next example is about converting bakery shop into the Christmas gifts shop from German webmaster. The website has been built with the one-page concept for the brand Hymatschatz. Did you know how this site has been built? Just using 1 click install sample data of Nitro theme and editing the content itself with some CSS modifications. By that workflow, the website building process is becoming easier and faster by keeping hi – quality.


We’ll be rolling out other WooCommerce showcases with Nitro theme by next week. So make sure that you bookmarked and returned to this post later.


For design inspiration and understanding the customization capability of WooCommerce itself feels free to visit official WooCommerce showcase portal. You’ll find great examples executed nicely with WooCommerce system. The website is well designed with clear navigation and helping users to find examples in particular industries such as Automotive, Fashion, Beauty, nonprofit, sports and much more.


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