What Features Will We See in WordPress in 2014?

2013 marked a proud milestone in the WordPress history timeline with so many big changes. 2014 promises another busy year for WordPress to evolve, grow even bigger with 3 stable versions to be released the soonest will be WordPress 3.9 live in April.

Rolling with the WordPress updates’ wheel, we WordPress users all have so many expectations for WordPress this year. Are you totally satisfied with the current version of WordPress? I’m sure you aren’t YET. Personally, I am not satisfied too, although WordPress for me is the best CMS out there.

So, let’s take a look at this roundup of what all our fellow WordPress developers and designers like you and WooRockets team would like to see in WordPress this year.

Where is WordPress heading to?

Matt Mullenweg Photo by Thomas Shea

From what I observed in the interview of Alex Moss (Smashing Magazine) with Matt Mullenweg, WordPress will be constantly improved so that WordPress users will have a cleaner, lighter, and more hands-on core with a generic framework for web development. Embracing clarity and simplicity in its core, WordPress will have more simplified WordPress admin roles. This will be a facelift in near future for developers like what we’ve seen in the latest WordPress 3.8.

In the interview, Matt also revealed that there is going to be an initial rebuild of WordPress. However, the process is: in each release, they would restructure WordPress 10 to 15% so users will quickly have updates and new features from WordPress. At the same time, WordPress developers would work at the thorough rebuild while fixing bugs and receiving feedbacks as it flows.

So, WordPress users can always be confident to install WordPress when there is new release and not get too worried about a totally brand new version with many new things. Do you agree?

That’s also the reason why after WordPress installation of the latest version, we may still see old features hanging there, like the deprecated.php. Matt also confirmed that besides the standard features they will continuously adopt, WordPress won’t integrate features from third-parties like Schema or Facebook Open Graph.

Talking about premium WordPress themes and plugins, the WordPress co-founder indicated that the WordPress repository will only have free themes and plugins. They don’t plan to host or sell premium products in the WordPress repository although they’re GPL-guaranteed. Come to think of it, don’t we have many popular premium marketplaces already?

Here is a list of most-likely-main-targets for WordPress:

Responsive. There may be a WordPress version as an application for mobile devices. And the WordPress future platform will be improved to operate flawlessly on different hand-held devices and screen sizes.

Unit testing. This is a highly recommended practice for developers out there who create software for the WordPress community. Developers must commit to providing better and better products for users, so putting code to the test using a set of a control data is essential. This practice not only shortens the development cycle with time-saving testing but also allows developers to provide out-of-the-box products.


Drag and drop. We’ve all been witnessing the growing popularity of dragging and dropping in both design and web development in general. So this year, drag-and-drop functionality in plugins will continue to be widely used. For example, many website builders now, like IG Page Builder, have this feature which makes them extremely easy to use.

WordPress is entering a new era and whatever it may come with, there will always be a mix of what the community desires since WordPress is a community-driven open source project.

What do WordPress Professionals expect in WordPress?

Image credit by WordCamp

Be it WordPress developer or designer, we all use WordPress to build websites. There are many things that we wish WordPress would include in its future versions beside what it is planned to have. Let’s see what wishlist people shared most! Here is a quick roundup from LinkedIn discussion.

Steven Stern Owner at SternData Solutions

Steven would like to see custom post type in WordPress core:

“Content types” is built into Drupal core. There’s a model and it’s really doable. Once they have that done, then bringing Drupal’s Views module functionality into WordPress would be a great thing for 2015/6.”

“Something like Advanced Custom Fields and maybe — just maybe — a button to generate a single-<cptslug>.php file or some sort of reasonable default single content template.”

Nikola Nikolov – Lead Developer at Paiyak Development

“I would love to see some sort of multilingual support in core or at least a way to make plugging that easy, but I feel like that won’t be getting into core either :)”

Philippe Gadeyne – Social Media & Marketing Strategist

“How about installing themes as child themes as a default since it’s the way it should be. A more powerful editor allowing typography changes and the ability to change fonts through the themes without coding or plugins”

Charlie Sasser – Solutions Consultant at R.E. Mason Company

“Text widget in core with WYSIWYG editor in core. Version control and roll back on all CSS and php files exposed in dashboard. Sidebar/widgets related to page or post. Like Joomla.”

Soo Smart – Creative Director at Double S Design

“The ability to UNDO something! For this reason I don’t touch CSS and PHp files in the dashboard, but edit them locally and upload. But being able to undo something in the page editor after you’ve updated the page would be good.
The ability to replace an image – without having to go through the rigmarole of removing the old and reinserting the new.”

Jerry Lopez Web developer

“I think a great feature would be the ability to categorize images in the media library to keep it more organized.”

What do you think? Did you see any ideas like yours? What to do now?

Contribute your ideas!

WordCamp at Phoenix 2014 – Image credit by WordCamp

Yes, if you dare to wish for new things, you should contribute effort to make it real.

If you have a chance to join WordCamp the community-organized events by and for WordPress users to participate as well as share ideas, don’t miss it. Check the schedule at its official website and attend WordCamp.

You can also join the discussion on LinkedIn above the roundup I made here is only a collection of the very first ideas. People are still active and discussing the topic right now. Why don’t you sign in?

You have more power than you think. WordPress does create opportunities for you to contribute your voice as well as your ability:

Get Involved and Make WordPress

Track changes on WordPress core

Test beta version and report bug

Run the nightly builds to help identify bugs

So, …

2014 is definitely the year of WordPress no matter what obstacles may spring up. And it seems that we are all excited waiting for WordPress new versions WordPress 3.9 in April 14th and 4.0 in August 12th. Get ready to fall in love with WordPress all over again.

And for you, what features or changes in WordPress do you wish to see? Join the discussion by commenting below!

by Vivian Vu

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