Essential tips to setup a Drone shop using WooCommerce

Along with virtual reality gadgets, Drone is the biggest tech trends in 2016. These flying machines are catching attention from tech gadget lovers all around the world. Drones and accessories, therefore, is a potential niche that can bring you thousands bucks in eCommerce. In this article, I will go through some essential tips to setup a Drone shop using WooCommerce. Whether you are a Drone newbie, or an existing shop owner searching for ways to boost sales for your Drone shop, I hope that these following tips may help you reach your goals.

Basic setup

In general, there are 3 must-have parts on a Drone shop:

  • Homepage
  • Product Category
  • Product Detail

Let’s take a look at each part, and see how we can optimize each one to get more sales.


There are 2 typical layouts for homepage section: traditional and simplified version.

To pick up a layout for your Drone shop, consider these 2 following criteria:

  • The size of your Drone shop: Does it Sell many product lines or a simple Drone model with accessories?
  • Your preferable design layout: display all information on the homepage, or just important ones?

Decide it on your own. We highly recommend you to make A/B test for these 2 layouts, then choose the one that converts more, and apply it on your whole Drone shop.

Traditional version

What is traditional version?

With traditional version, your homepage displays almost all necessary pieces of information about products and promotion campaigns.

A typical layout that many Drone shops are using is some hero sliders on the top, then some best-selling or sale-off items.

One disadvantage of traditional version is that your customers can lose concentration with too much information displayed on the homepage.

Suggested plugins

Simplified version

What is simplified version?

With minimal layout, you can reduce all unnecessary sections, and leave only those which help you convert.

This layout often uses full-screen hero sliders, with a visible menu or not, and a search bar. This homepage version is good for driving traffic and sales, since it helps customers focus on one single message at a time, instead of displaying too many sections.

The Drone Shop is a typical example of using simplified version for the online Drone shop.

sell Phantom 4 on WooCommerce

Suggested themes/plugins

  • For hero sliders: you can use Revolution Slider (from $19). This plugin is FREE when you purchase Nitro theme
  • For menu: default WooCommerce menu is best. Otherwise, consider using MegaMenu – a drag and drop built-in plugin for Nitro theme. Experience MegaMenu for free NOW
  • For search bar: you can either use default WooCommerce search or live search. It’s free and ready-to-use 🙂

Product category

Product category for Drone shop is quite simple. You just need a little bit customizations for Product Quick View and Price Filter

Product Quick View

With quick view, you can view item details on product category without going into each product detail page. This saves a lot of time for your customers.

Suggested plugins

WooCommerce Quick View (from $29) by WooThemes is good. You can also consider YITH WooCommerce Quick View (from $49) from YITH Themes, or WooCommerce Quick View ($21) from iconicwp.

Price filter

With a simple drag and drop price filter, your customers will easily find the products that they need on a specific price range.

Here is the price filter of Just Drones.

Example of using WooCommerce to setup a Drone shop

To add this price filter using WooCommerce, you just need to add default “WooCommerce Price Filter” to WooCommerce Sidebar”. Then you can see this sidebar on shop page.

How to setup price filter for your Drone shop using WooCommerce

Product detail

Product bundle

Forget the general “you might also like” section! Almost all Drone shop use grouped product as a sale tip to get more sale on a single product.
For example, if you purchase a Phantom 4 on The Drone Shop, there will be 2 related products (battery, propeller). When being checked, both the main product and related products will be added to shopping cart.

product bundle for Drone shop

Spacecity Drones is another Drone shop that uses product bundle to get more sales on product detail page.

use product bundle to sell more Drones

Product description

With a technical product like Drone, a product description, which provides necessary details about products, helps you convert more sales when comparing to a blank or poor content description.

For this section, don’t just use boring long texts. Visualize it with images and videos to show how Drone products work in real-life.
The description for the Phantom 4 on The Drone Factory is quite sale-driven.

product description

Suggested plugins

You can manually setup a description, or save your time by turning on default Custom Product Builder of WooCommerce, or Woo Detail Product Builder for $15.
Another alternative from us is Product Builder. Just turn in on any product that you want to build custom layout. Then add any element you like. Really simple!

product builder

This plugin is free when you purchase Nitro. You can experience this plugin for free now by joining Nitro private beta test.

Extra tips to boost sales

Besides basic setups, you need to optimize your site for higher conversion rate. Below are some extra tips from us to help you gain more sales on your existing Drone shop.

Sell via email

A popular way to boost sales for Drone shops, as well as other eCommerce sites, is to send product updates, sale-offs, and other promotional messages via email.

You can use the traditional way: put email subscription box on your site.

Another more effective way to boost sales via email is to use incentives to urge customers to make purchases. Leaving email to get discount coupons is a proven way to get more sales.

This subscription box of Dronesetc is an excellent example of using email to drive sales. Each one who sign up for email subscription will instantly get a coupon for their first order.

get coupon

Suggested plugins

Default WooCommerce email feature is good enough for small Drone shop.

Social selling

You can encourage your customers to use social channels to boost sales for you with zero advertising budget. A simple solution is to put share for discounts buttons on product detail page.

Space City Drones allows customers to get discount coupon by sharing product detail page on social media networks. After sharing, they will receive a discount coupon to use at checkout.

share for discounts

This Drone shop also show share for discount buttons on shopping cart.

share for discount - shopping cart

Suggested plugins

You can custom build a plugin to solve this, or save your time with Nitro Share For Discount with advanced sharing and discount settings.

share for discounts- settings

This is the settings screen of this plugin (sharing section).

This plugin is free only when purchasing Nitro. You can test how it works for free by joining Nitro private beta test.

Upselling on shopping cart

Even after finish adding a product on shopping cart, you can upsell for more items by displaying related accessories.

Just Drone did it well by showing Li-Po battery with “add to basket” button when a customer put X Drone quadcopter on their shopping cart.

upsale on cart

Suggested plugins

Cart Up-sells by WooThemes (from $29) is a premium plugin that works.

Looking for a ready-to-use WooCommerce theme for your Drone shop?

In the meantime, we have already designed a niche theme “Drone” to help you sell Drone without manual setup. Below is the homepage preview of this niche theme.

Drone niche demo

If you want to try this niche theme for free before its official release, join our beta test here.

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