General Information

General Information

To install this theme you must have a working version of WordPress. Please refer to WordPress documentation for further instructions. You can download the latest version of WordPress here.

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Technical Requirements

To install this theme you must have a working version of WordPress. Please refer to WordPress documentation for further instructions. You can download the latest version of WordPress here

  • WordPress 3.8 to 4.1
  • PHP 5.3.29 or higher
  • MySQL 5.0 or higher
  • Apache mod_rewrite module musts be enabled

This theme is tested under Mac, Windows and Linux.

Compatible Browsers: IE9+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera

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Free Forum Support

All of our items come with free support, and we have a dedicated support forum to handle your requests. Support is limited to questions regarding the theme’s features or problems with the theme. We are unable to provide support for code customization or third-party plugins. We may help you to do minor customizations and we are very appreciated if you have any feature request/suggestion.

Go to our forum

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Before You Post On Forum

To help speed along your request, you need to follow the steps below before posting a new topic on the forum. This is for the benefit of everyone and will help make the entire forum more efficient. It’s very important and we ask that everyone who posts follow these steps.

Step 1 – Always check the Documentation. Most of the questions can be answered in that area.

Step 2 – Always perform a Forum Search before you post, it’s very possible your issue has already been brought up and has been answered.

Step 3 – If your question has not been brought up, then please post a new topic. Always be as descriptive as possible with following information:

  • The WordPress version
  • The theme version number, your browser’s version
  • And the live URL to your home page or the page that shows the issue in question are very useful information.

Although it’s not required, providing us WP/FTP login info would save a lot of time for both parties. All login info stays private with our support team admins.

Step 4 – Patiently wait! We strive to get you answers as quickly as possible.

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Theme Installation

Install by Uploading Zip File

Step 1 – Login to your admin page.

Step 2 – Navigate to Appearance > Themes.

Step 3 – Click Add New

Step 4 – Then click Upload Theme.

Step 5 – Next, Browse to the zip file and click Install now for the theme to be uploaded and installed.

Step 6 – After done installing, click Activate the theme

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Install Plugins

The theme requires the following plugin: WR PageBuilder, Advanced Custom Fields, Ninja Shortcodes and recommends the following plugins: WR ContactForm, YITH WooCommerce Ajax NavigationYITH Newsletter PopupYITH WooCommerce Wishlist, Revolution Slider and WooCommerce.

Step 1 – After activating the theme, you will be asked to installed the required and recommended plugins, you can proceed by clicking on Begin installing plugins

Step 2 – In the next page, check all the plugins that you want to install then on the drop down Bulk Actions, choose Install then click Install, the plugin installation process will start.

Step 3 – Check all the plugins that you want to activate then on the drop down Bulk Actions, choose Activate and click Apply, the plugin installation process will start. Wait for all the plugin activated then you can start customizing your website as you wish

Step 4 – Navigate to Appearance > Themes, click on Install WooCommerce Pages button to set up WooCommerce for your shopping cart

Step 5 (Optional) – Go to Revolution Slider and activate the plugin to receive automatic updates & get premium support

Note: Revolution Slider is needed to have the main slider working on homepage


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Install Sample Data

1. Go to Appearance > Themes

2. On Theme Ninja, click Customize.

3. On the next page, click Install Sample Data button.

4. A popup dialog will appear and ask for confirmation, you can check the Agreement box and click Install Sample Data button to continue


  • Installing sample data will delete all data on this website.
  • It is NOT recommended to install sample data on production website.

5. After sample data is downloaded and installed, click on Finish to end the process

6. There is a new option Restore Original Data after done installing. This option is used to remove the installed sample data

Note: There is a message on the slider Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias home-shop not found.” This is intended as we couldnt get the data from a 3rd party which is Revolution Slider, but on front-end, the slider still has the sample data and it still displays normally

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Theme Customization

Site Title & Logo & Tagline

1. Logo type: There are 2 types for you to choose from, Logo Text and Logo Image

– Logo Image:

  • Click Change Image





  • Choose an image from Media library or upload from your computer

– Logo Text: With text logo type, you will have these following options:


  • Site title: Text logo
  • Logo font family: Choose logo font
  • Logo font size: Set logo font size
  • Logo font weight: Set logo font weight

2. Site Icon: The Site Icon is used as a browser and app icon for your site. Icons must be square, and at least 512px wide and tall.

  • Click Select File


  • Select icon from Media library or upload from your computer.



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Color Schemes

1. Main color schemes: Choose from 6 predefined color schemes

2. Body font color: Change the body text color

3. Body background color: Change the body background color

4. Page title color: Change the page title color

5. Main menu color: Change the main menu color

6. Heading font color: Change the heading color

7. Footer background color: Change the footer background color

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Configure the font style of Body font, Page Title font and Heading font

There are 4 options as below:

1. Font Type: Choose Google Font or Standard Font sets




2. Font Family: Choose your favorite font from the drop down menu


3. Font size (px): Set your font size (Default setting is 14px)

4. Font Weight: Set your font weight (letter thickness)

Besides that, Heading Font Settings also allow you to configure font size for each Heading.


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Page Layout

1. Select page layout: There are 3 options for page layout: Full width, Left sidebar and Right sidebar


Full Width


Left Sidebar


Right Sidebar

2. Show sidebar in Blog single page: You can show or hide sidebar in Blog single page





3. Show Comments: You can show or hide post / page comment

4. Page Title Alignment:Choose to align page title to left, right or center

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WooCommerce Layout

1. Product List Layout: There are 3 options for product list layout: Full width, Left sidebar and Right sidebar

2. Select home page layout: Choose the number of columns displayed in homepage: 2, 3, 4 or 5 columns.

The default setting for this is 3 columns:


3. Select Shop page layout: Choose the number of columns displayed in Shop page: 2, 3, 4 or 5 columns.

For example, 4-column layout will be displayed like this:


4. Show shop cart in header: you can choose to show / hide mini cart in page header

5. Product per page: Limitation for the number of products being displayed in 1 page.

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1. Left Footer:
this option let you insert custom content (support HTML format) to the left side of footer block

2. Right Footer: this option let you insert custom content (support HTML format) to the right side of footer block

3. Social Icons: you can include link to your social channels, just insert the link here and appropriate icon will be displayed automatically on the front-page


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1. Enable page loading effect: you can choose to enable / disable loading effect for you site

2. Upload Favicon: let you upload and use your custom favicon

3. Google Analytics Code: paste your GA code here

4. Enable Under construction mode: let you put your site in online or offline mode

Just type in the text to show in offline page and specify the time your site will be available. After saved your changes, make sure that in order to see this page, you should log out first

5. Code Before </head>: your custom code here will be inserted before closing head tag

6. Code Before </body>: your custom code here will be inserted before closing body tag

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This section can be used to edit/add/reorder widgets

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Post Management


Go to Posts > Add New to add new post



  • You can use either Classic Editor or WR Page Builder to build the post content. For more information on WR Page Builder, please follow this link or read the documentation


Under Post Format, you can add various types of item to your post :

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Gallery
  • Quote

For more detailed information on how to work with posts, categories, tags, please go to

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WR Contact Form

WR Page Builder


There is a list of shortcodes available in the sample data. You can view them by going to Homepage → Main Menu  → Elements

To get a shortcode, for example Accordion, you can go to: admin → Pages → Accordion & Toogles


then click on the WR PageBuilder tab on the editor, the editor will then show the pre-built elements. In this case, we are looking for Accordion shortcode, we can click on Accordion: Accordion


A pop-up form will load, which containing 3 tabs: Content, Styling, Shortcode

  • Content: the content of each item
  • Styling: the styling of each item
  • Shortcode: generated shortcode from content & styling


Following the same steps above, you can go to the shortcodes that you want and copy them to any page/post and customise them as you wish.


Each shortcode has a number of options that probably difficult to memorize so it is recommended to go into WR PageBuilder to generate shortcode by our friend visual tools. For more information on WR Page Builder, please follow this link 

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Ninja Shortcodes

Shop category

Shortcode example for display Shop category

[ninja_shop_category cat_id=”10″]

  • cat_id=”10″: Category Parent ID

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Product slider

Shortcode example for display product slider

[ninja_product_slider_vertical cat_id=”54″ limit=”4″ orderby=”date” order=”acs”]

  • cat_id=”54″: List category ID (Ex: 1,2,3,4,4)
  • limit=”4″: display limit product
  • orderby=”date”: order the products by date. Available values: please refer to and search for keywords “Order & Orderby Parameters”
  • order: Descending or ascending (DESC or ACS)

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10-17-2014 23-11-44

This is a powerful plugin for managing your store. It has a lot of functions that required to run your store effectively.

For more detailed information, please visit for demo, extensions, documentation and other goodies to enhance your store

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Revolution Slider

Revolution Slider

10-17-2014 23-13-46

Revolution slider is included in the theme package. It’s recommended to activate the slider using your Envato information to benefit the most from regular updates and premium supports.

For more detailed information, please visit for demo, documentation and other goodies.

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Support and Feedback

Feedback and Suggestion for our products

If you have any feedback or suggestions please let us know via forum here. Thank you!


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