Design Freebies: Pick-ups of the week #7

Aloha! I’ve spent a great time walking around my most favorite design blogs and freebie booths to pick up the best free icon sets, free fonts, free design tools and effects for you. So I hope you will be going to have a good time too with this week’s special goodies.

Oh wait, where is your favorite drink? Get one cup and come back here. Enjoy!

Free Icon Sets

55 Hand-drawn Cooking Icons (Download)

This is a set of handcrafted and vectorized cooking icons for your website. You are free to use them for both commercial and personal use. These icons are perfect for cooking-related, restaurant, food/beverage themes.


Stroke Gap Icons (Download)

The set includes 50 icons with sharp strokes and small accent gaps, perfect to add a distinctive look and feel to your projects. The AI file comes with editable strokes so you can easily adjust the thickness of each icon.


40 Tiny Icons (Download)

Here is anicon pack including 40 line iconsprovided in many different formats (PSD, AI, SVG & Webfont).


Nasty Icons (Download)

A set of edgy icons that can add some real interest to your designs. There are icons for plane crashes, vehicle fires, a man backstabbed by a unicorn and many more.


Free Fonts

Tribbon ‘Layered’ Font (Download)

Tribbon is a working ‘ribbon’ style font that consists of several layers. Tribbon is available in both TTF and OTF font formats.


Ribbon Font (Download)

Ribbon font is perfect for special stationery, a baby announcement or a fancy blog header.


BCS BenWood Font (Download)


Comic Neue (Download)

Comic Neue is a greatly improved typeface inspired by Comic Sans. It comes in a variety of weights and faces that even typophiles will appreciate.


Lame Font (Download)


Derkon Font (Download)

The font turns type into an impressiveand beautiful piece of work. The irregular, hand-made look adds a real human touch to things and comes along with a lot of cool details. It makes you wait for some minutes to be able download though, if you don’t want to share).


Intro Condensed (Light & Black) (Download)

TheIntrotype system consists of 50 unique font styles and weights. The family is characterized by excellent legibility both in print and on the web, a well-finished geometric design, optimized kerning, etc. Intro is most suitable for headlines of all sizes, but it does well in a variety of text lengths as well.


Casper Font (Download)

Font by Michael Chereda. Fonts include arrows, alternate characters and signs, and legatury ordinals. Total 582 glyphs.


Leave Font (Download)

Leaf-shaped font for your project.


Fait Main (Download)

Fait Main will give an authentic look to your documents.


Bobber Free Typeface (Download)


Blnk (Download)

Blnk is a font family inspired to Old West typography with some a modern touch including 5 weights (Regular, Round, Rough, Dust and Vintage). It is best suitable for headlines, labels, logos, etc.


Free UI Kits and PSD Template

Fashion Ave UI Kit (Download)

“Fashion Ave” is a little set of user interface elements for the fashion conscious. A leaderboard/image graphic, graph, map/info widget, and a couple of profile widgets to boot. Sleek and stylish.


Audio UI Kit (Download)

A fantastic collection of music and audio player interface widgets. Everything from a simple playlist display, through to album artwork graphics and a stylish video player interface.


Jolly UI Hand-drawn UI kit (Download)

In Jolly UI all the items are originally hand-crafted and then vectorized, that’s why they are utterly unique, and still 100% vector shapes that can be resized or edited without any loss of quality. Jolly UI will add personality and joy to your project!


One-page Website Wireframes (Download)

This freebie was created with the intention of helping designers quickly prototype an idea before actually digging into a full design production.


Error 404 PSD Template (Download)

It’s a flat, pixel perfect, 100% vector shaped, organized and easy to change 404 error template with an amazing design.


Web Design Free Tools and Animation Effects

Free Font Generators

Icomoon (Try It)

Using IcoMoon you can easily search and download vector icons or generate fonts (icon fonts). This tool can also be used for icon set management.


Iconvault (Try It)

Simple, custom Icon-font generation.


Fontastic (Try It)

Create your icon fonts in seconds. Make your website faster. Over 9,000 icons available.


Untrusted (Try It)

A meta-JavaScript adventure game by Alex Nisnevich and Greg Shuflin that helps you improve your JavaScript skill.


Typeform (Try It)

Typeform is an easy way to set up forms that ask questions one at a time, much like a human conversation. It has a beautiful interface and is easy to set up.


Dropr (Try It)

An easy to set up portfolio for creative heads. It’s responsive, looks the same (awesome) on every device, and it’s free.


Zed : A Chrome-based Text and Code editor (Download)

Zed is a fully offline-capable, open source, keyboard-focused, text and code editor for power users.


iHover (Fork It)

iHover is an impressive hover effects collection, powered by pure CSS3, no dependency, work well with Bootstrap 3!


Jeet (Try It)

A grid system for humans. No more needlessly nesting elements. No more rigid twelve column rules. Less code, more flexibility.


WOW (Try It)

Reveal Animations When You Scroll Down.


Kickdrop (Try It)

Kickdrop makes it quick & easy for programmers and designers to build websites and apps!


shine.js Library for pretty shadows (Download)

shine.jsis ajavascript library for creating pretty shadows. It works in browsers that support textShadow or boxShadow and auto-prefixes if necessary.


That’s what you get for this week’s design freebies collection. Have some fun playing with them and remember to share with other designers too!

by Vivian Vu

I'm a proud minion in the WooRockets Team. Enjoy life, music, writing blogs and LOVE to read comments for my blogs - So feel free to connect with me by leaving a comment right below or tweet me @vivianjedi

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