Design Freebies #17: 20 Free Minimalist Icon Sets

Dear our beloved designers,

We would like to send our sincere thanks to you for standing by us till the seventeenth design collection. Also, we inform you that we would continue to bring you more specific and high-quality freebies.

Today we offer you 20 free minimalist icons that you surely need for your minimalistic design.


1. Minimalist Icons (Download)

This is an awesome set of minimalist icons. After downloading them, you’ll receive a zip file containing the following: .ai file (Illustrator), .psd file, .xar file (Xara) and .svg


2. Minimalist Icon Set (Download)

This is a set of over 1000 vectorized icons in 46 categories for you to use in any commercial project you need. This minimalist style fits perfectly with any kind of design, it can be a website, a mobile app or even a desktop interface.


3. Iconic (Download)

Here’s a great set of simple yet attractive icons that would be perfect for a minimal design. Iconic is an open source icon set that can be downloaded in PNG, SVG, SWC as well as other formats, thus allowing you to customise them to fit and match your design.


4.Extra IKONS (Download)

36 new minimalist icons byPiotr Kwiatkowski, a Dribbble user are worth a look! It is quite popular on this platform.


5. Iconmelon (Download)

This brilliant collection of various minimalist icons helps you to design a great minimal website.


6. Budicon 48 Free Icons (Download)

It includes all 5 size variations of Budicon, you’ll get 25px, 50px,16px, 32px and 64px. Basically you download this for free with just tweeting about this icon.


7.44 Shades Of Free Icons (Download)

This minimalist icon set was created by Victor Erixon, a Dribbble user. It has got 1223 likes and many positive review from users.


8. Devine Icons (Download)

Clean and beautiful minimalist black and white icons for your next design project.


9. Mnml Icon Set (Download)

Here’s another set of minimal icons that work against dark backgrounds. There are 20 standard icons, 1 folder icon, and 5 ‘group’ icons. All are 128*128 transparent-background PNGs.


10. Sanscons (Download)

Sansconsis a CSS-friendly version allowing you to set custom backgrounds on your icons.All icons come in a wide variety of colors (13 in all) in order for greater convenience.


11. Glyphish (Download)

You can scale designs up and down by multiples of two and your icons remain crisp. It’s easy to design for variable display size and pixel density. Try free 200 minimalist icons.


12. Symbol Signs Collection (Download)

The symbol signs can be used for signage & wayfinding projects. The complete symbol collection is optimized for reproduction methods such as engraving, laser engraving/cutting, screen printing and self adhesive film to manufacture the signs you need.


13. 108 Mono Icons (Download)

This Free Icon Pack is for use in your personal and commercial projects, and can be used without attribution. It may not be redistributed. There are 108 minimal icons included in this set. The icons are avaliable in 3232 px .png (transparent background) format.


14. 120 Icon Square Ilepixeli Set (Download)

Here is another freebie, 120 square minimalist icons, divided in 4 categories – sound, picture, web and devices. Hope you like it!


15. 45 Blue Drops (Download)

This free icon set is created by Zulal Ahmad , a Dribbble user. It has got 500 likes and more than 15000 views on this platform.


16. Simplicio: A Free Icon Set (Download)

The main motivation behind the design was to create a simple, even minimalistic set which can fit into every project. The set contains 78 free icons in .png and .ico. You can use the set for free without any restrictions whatsoever.


17. Token (Download)

TOKEN includes128 unique icon designs,each is available in dark and light variants.


18.Reflection (Download)

It’s simple but elegant and stylish icon set. You’ll find these icons great to use at small sizes, such as for website navigation, menus and more. Both vector and raster versions are included.


19. 350 Free Vector Web Icons (Download)

This set of minimalist icons are ideal to use in your next web design project, which can help you to create a minimalistic interface.


20. Streamline (Download)

This set of icons is free for both personal and commercial purpose. Hope you can enjoy it!

The collection of this week is useful for you or not? Let us know, we will make the best become better for you! Thanks.

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