Design Freebies #15: 20 Free High-Quality Line Icon Sets

Line icon is a great tool for you to achieve a simple, minimalistic but awesome design. We have collected the most favorite icon sets from many sources for your next design project, guys. If you’re looking for line icons, check out the 20 free high-quality line icon sets below.

Line Icon Set For UI & More (Download)

This icon set is very popular on behance. It gets 88652 views and 9012 appreciations. Luckily, it is free for download, be quick before the author sets a price on it.


100+ Free Simple Line Icons by Mirko Monti (Download)

100+ simple line icons for web and UI design are available for free; check the preview file to see all the icons.


Free Simple Line Icons Set Vol.1 (Download)

Here’s a set of 40 simple stroke icons that are great for mobile applications, websites, user interfaces and more. All icons are pixel perfect, fully scalable vector shapes available in two sizes, 32px and 64px.


Simple Line Icons Set Vol.2 (Download)

The second volume of stroke icons collection with 40 new icons are used in your websites, apps and user interfaces.


Free Simple Line Icons Set Vol.3 (Download)

This is the third volume of the line icons collection with 40 new icons, perfect for your web and mobile projects. As you already know, all icons are pixel perfect vector shapes available in two sizes, 32px and 64px.


Free Simple Line Icons Set Vol.4 (Download)

The fourth volume of the line icons collection is ready to use in your web and mobile projects. These icons are fully scalable vector shapes available in two sizes.


48 Icons By Robin Kylander (Download)

This freebies by Robon Kylander, an Dribble user has got many likes and views. Enjoy it to see how amazing it is!


DRIPICONS – 90+ Free Vector Line Icon Font (Download)

This free design resources is created by Amit Jakhu, which can minimalize your web and mobile interface.


Free Minimal Single Line Icons (Download)

This line icon set gets 1210 views, 73 appreciations on Behance. Surely it can help you to save time on your design piece and increase work’s quality.


20 Settings Line Icons (Download)

This freebie includes 20 iOS7-style settings line icons (brightness, search, volume, etc.).


24 Ecommerce Line Icons (PSD, AI) (Download)

This is a set of 24 line icons for ecommerce shop. These line icons are pixel perfect and come in vector PSD, Illustrator AI and EPS formats and can infinitely be scalable. These icons are created in 50 x 50 pixels size mainly aimed at iPhone ecommerce apps.


Buddha Line Icon Set (Download)

This is a set of beautiful line vector based icons, perfect for App and Web design. This freebie is only the first part of upcoming icon pack, that will contain several releases.


Free Vector Line Icon Set – 50 icons (Download)

Download these 1000 line icons to unleash your creativity and reach perfection.


Tab Bar Icons iOS 7 (Download)

This is a series of iOS 7 inspired tab bar icons with a mix of default icons and custom ones. Those new icons are here to help you refresh your apps and test the water of the new apple iOS design paradigm.


Tab Bar Icons iOS 7 Vol2 (Download)

Volume 2 of iOS7 styled tab bar icons with 32 new icons to use in your apps. Normal line and filled style in these freebies can help you pick what is best for your project.


Tab Bar Icons iOS 7 Vol3 (Download)

Third volume of iOS7 tab bar icons with a collection of 32 icons may help you create web and mobile apps.


Cicons: 40 Outline Icons (Download)

Cicons is a set of 40 outline icons created by Vlad Cristea. All icons are pixel perfect, fully scalable vector shapes available in PSD, AI and EPS formats.


Streamline Icons (Download)

This set is from the Streamline Icons Pack. Free for download, you only have to pay with a tweet.


Linecons Free Icons (Download)

Linecons is a set of remarkable free vector icons. The set contains 48 fully scalable vector icons with outline styles. You can use these icons when creating web and mobile interfaces. They will suit any site themes and any design.


Social Media Line Icons (Download)

Thin and modern style. This set contains only essential and popular social media icons.

This free social media line icon set has brought you to the end of the collection today! We hope that you can enjoy it to the best. Like this post or share with us your experiences with these freebies to help you have the better resource next time.

by Scarlett Nguyen

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