Best WooCommerce Tutorials For You To Build A Successful WooCommerce Website

While we are discussing this topic, WooCommerce was downloaded more than 5,6 million times. What an impressive number for a WordPress plugin, don’t you think?

Millions of people should not be wrong. WooCommerce is the ultimate solution to start your eCommerce career with, thanks to its intuitive interface, quick and easy setup, and highly flexible customization to leverage all website’s functionality.

No matter what products your store is going to sell, WooCommerce can surely save your time and effort. However, to build a WooCommerce website in no time, you still need to learn about it step-by-step.

Luckily, you won’t have to waste time search, WooRockets team has already had a recommendation list for your WooCommerce training journey. Let’s begin!

WooThemes – WooCommerce Guided Tour Videos

The reason for the choice is simple: they are the talented developers who brought the WooCommerce plugin to life. You can learn a lot of useful stuff from them to build your eCommerce website “from start to sale”.

Each tutorial only lasts for a few minutes. These are such ‘pocket tutorials’ for all WooCommerce starters that are time-saving, clear and easy to follow.

Apply the lessons from those tutorials to your website and then come back and let them know what you gained. Learning and sharing experiences are the best way to be successful with WooCommerce stores.

Youtube channels

Youtube is the best channel for developers to freely give away their WooCommerce tutorials on how to build an awesome website.


Maximus McCullough – Beginners guide to setting up WooCommerce in WordPress

The video can seem a little bit long but actually at around 30 minutes for beginners it is the right amount of time needed, with all the main functions from Product settings, Tax, Shipping to Payment Gateway. Follow this tutorial and you can freely ask him for advice if anything jumps in your way while you are building your own website.

Upload WP WooCommerce tutorials series

This series, with dubbed guidelines, gained a lot of positive feedback from viewers. This series guides you from how to build an eCommerce website using WordPress to WooCommerce settings or how to set up WooCommerce products categories. You can also find many other useful guidelines for WooCommerce Coupons, Cross-sells, Up-sells, and how to manage Contact and Blog pages to help you with advanced WooCommerce customization.

Wp Sculptor

“How to Create an ECOMMERCE Website with WordPress – Online Store!” was created by Josh Jackson an experienced and enthusiastic WordPress developer. His video tutorial is really comprehensive for any beginners to follow easily.

This 2-hour-48-minute tutorial includes recommended domain hosting services, installing the free Mystile theme, setting up WooCommerce, and a step-by-step guide to set up and manage your product pages the most initial part of your eCommerce store. Like other channels, when applying this WooCommerce tutorial, you can ask Josh for advice for any problems that you have.

Free WooCommerce training course:

This free course has a highly-structured lesson plan which is designed for building a professional WooCommerce store. provides you with 11 chapters with full guidelines, from WooCommerce installation to product settings, and everything in between. Every step also includes images and descriptions to walk you through easily.


Premium WooCommerce training courses

Specialized WooCommerce tutorials from is a massive digital learning platform which provides you with a lot of high-quality online courses for multiple subjects, including WordPress eCommerce WooCommerce plugin.

I’d recommend the course “WordPress Ecommerce WooCommerce” by Morten Rand-Hendriksen – a’s specialist staff author in the WordPress/WooCommerce industry with many years of experience. This course includes 35 video tutorials with clear outlines for WooCommerce installation, setting up payment options, adding products, etc.

The total time of this WooCommerce tutorial is nearly 3 hours, but this is not a problem. Engaging content and comprehensive presentations are separated into 5-10 minutes videos for you to easily follow or choose which part you want to watch. To take the full course and ask questions directly to the author, you need to become a paid member of, but I think it’s really worth your investment.


WordPress eCommerce with WooCommerce

Another highly-rated premium course is “WordPress eCommerce with WooCommerce” from This lecture is designed by Marc Beneteau,the founder of WP Academy, who has experience in training small-business owners or the self-employed to build their own successful career with WordPress and WooCommerce.

This course is split into 4 major sections: Introduction, WooCommerce Quick start, WooCommerce Reference, and WooCommerce Styling & Programming with advanced information specialized for developers. With just under 90 minutes training, you can become a WooCommerce professional.

You can check out the training course agenda here for more information.

Wrapping up

WooCommerce is such an advanced and useful tool to start selling online. Check out another article of ours about WooCommerce training. Or if you want a more flexible reference source, why not trying WooCommerce community websites or read some of these WordPress books for more advanced users?

Do you have any interesting experiences to share with us? Let us know in the comment section below.

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