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Hey WordPress fellows,

We are running our websites on WordPress. Many of us have to manage2 to 10 (even more) WordPress websitesat the same time. It’s always a challenge for us to be highly productive and do our job efficiently.

The good news is that we are swimming in an ocean of great tools (many are free) that help make our job easier. However, sorting out which ones are really what we need may be a sweaty job. Don’t worry, we spend time on research and have made a good list of useful tools for both WordPress developers and users here.

Now, enjoy some time to explore!

Important note:

We highly recommend that this list is for you to consider only the tools you need the most. Installing too many unnecessary tools that you don’t really need will make everything hard to control.

Useful Free Chrome Extensions for WordPress Users and Developers

One quick fun fact:

According toStatCounter, Chrome is currently the dominant web browser among IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera and others. That is the answer to the “Why Chrome?” question that just popped up in your mind (beware, I’m a mind-reader – j/k).



JSONView is a fantastic tool that makes JSON streams readable. With this extension, you can view JSON documents in your browser (it has aversion for Firefoxtoo) in a similar way that you view XML documents. Even if the JSON document you’re viewing contains errors, JSONView will still show the raw text the mess will be gone.

It’s very easy to use: just give it an URL or local file address, and it will display the formatted contents for you. Plus, people especially love how the extension is so lightweight, comes with a collapsible UI and good CSS configuration.

Quick Switch for WordPress Accounts


This convenient tool is designed by Ninja (seriously) so it does what it does in an instant. Quick Switch allows you to quickly switch between multiple WordPress accounts on multiple domains. It’s very simple, easy to use, and fast.

Theme Sniffer


Theme Sniffer helps you detect a website’s theme or template. When you visit a website with a really cool appearance, you might want to know which theme it is using. Sniff. Sniff. Sniff. Theme Sniffer will help you find out. You can also detect which Joomla or WordPress version is being used on the current site.

The limitation: It can’t detect theme or CMS version in child themes it only works with parent pages.

WordPress Version Check


This extension is handy for developers to know if a site is running on WordPress and detect the WordPress version it is using. This is a quick tool to know if the site is up-to-date or outdated, without having to access the admin section.

WordPress Admin Bar Control


WordPress admin bar control is for developers and designers who want to build a WordPress site without having the admin bar get in the way. The extension does exactly what it says one click to hide the admin bar without any reloading page and the bar remains hidden until the next click.

This tool can totally replace any WordPress plugins you’re using to hide the admin bar. It’s way quicker and easier since you don’t have to edit code or install a plugin on each WordPress website you have.

Best Web Development Tools for WordPress Developers

Free WordPress Plugins

WordPress Developer Plugin


Simply, this is a plugin which helps developers develop websites more easily. After installation, the plugin helps you select additional plugins you might want to use. It provides an all-in-one plugin set with a simplified interface to help make a better web development.

WordPress Developer plugin includes Debug Cron, Rewrite Rules Inspector, Log Deprecated Notices, VIP Scanner, Grunion Contact Form, Monster Widget, and Beta Tester.

SlideDeck 2 for WordPress


Are you struggling to create a content slider for your WordPress website? This tool lends you a hand.

This is a responsive slider plugin that allows you to create content sliders out of almost any content. You can use different content sources like YouTube, Flickr, WordPress posts and Pinterest to create a slider without touching any code. So, each slide can have text, images, video, social media feeds or other content.

Query Monitor


Query Monitor is a debugging plugin for WordPress developers. It adds a toolbar to the WordPress admin bar to show query data with many other features. This plugin also shows HTTP Requests, Transients, Redirects, Ajax Calls, Hooks, and PHP Errors.

Debug Bar


One of the must-have plugins for developers. Debug bar shows query, cache, and other helpful debugging information to help you with better development performance. This little guy will add a debug menu to the admin bar with debugging information for you.

RTL Tester


The name says it all This plugin helps you test your WordPress themes and plugins with Right To Left (RTL) text direction by adding a button to the admin bar.

WPtouch Mobile Plugin


This plugin is the mobile solution for your WordPress site. It allows you to create a mobile version of your website with a user-friendly and screen-size-optimized appearance. You can also let your visitors switch between the theme on your mobile WordPress website and your website’s regular theme.

What’s your perfect development tool set?

There are many different web development tools out there for developers. Of course it depends greatly on one’s personality, skill set and preferences when choosing the tools you like to work with. What do you usually use in your projects?

For Windows, I see that many people (including my friends) use XAMPP, NetBeans, Github, Dropbox,Chrome DevToolsand F12 (browser inspect element/view source) in their browser. For Mac users, as far as I know, they tend to rely onCodekit(SASS, Compass), Sublime Text 2, MAMP, CS6, etc. The extensions and plugins listed above are great additional support.

Are you the same? Which ones are your weapons of choice?

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