A to Z About WordPress Multisite Management (PART II)

WordPress multisite management Part 2

Last time, we ran through the basics of WordPress multisite. I hope that with the understanding of what a multisite system is, its pros and cons and when you should use it, you are now ready for part II. This time, we will dig into the experience of practicing WordPress multisite management with the tools and plugins that can help you control a multisite like a master.

I have spent time listening to WordPress experts in the community and have made a list of exceptional tools they usually use for multisite management. So, you don’t have to waste time on asking the same questions or searching for your own tool and plugins.

Now let’s continue with part II of the WordPress multisite story.

How To Make WordPress Multisite Effectively Work For You?

Best Tools For WordPress Multisite Management


No I’m not wrong; documentation is an effective tool if you want to master WordPress multisite. The WordPress guide on Create a network is a must. The documentation is about setting up a network in your WordPress installation and how to do that correctly.

And then you can read the guide on Multisite Network Administrator. It will walk you through the steps of user access, subfolder installs and permanent links, upload file paths, and more.

Lastly, you can take the WPMU DEV guide on multisite as a reference to help you with building a WordPress multisite, optimizing your network, managing WordPress users, etc. They made a video to help you understand what is going on with Multisite setup more easily too:

Video Tutorial: How to Setup WordPress Multisite

Top 6 Smooth WordPress Multisite Management Tools

1. ManageWP

ManageWP is a powerful all-in-one tool; an amazing dashboard that helps you take control over all your WordPress websites at once. Once installed, you will have a very easy-to-use admin dashboard which consolidates multiple admin dashboards in your multisite network.

From that single screen, there is only one click to update all WordPress themes, plugins, backup site, process security scan, and lots more. You’ll have peace of mind that your websites all of them are being well looked after.

You can try it for free, for up to 5 websites, for 14 days with optimizing and securing features from the Business plan. The Premium plan starts from $0.70/website per month.

2. InfiniteWP

Doing the same thing that ManageWP, InfiniteWP is a self-hosted, freely-available multiple WordPress management platform. They have a free version in the WordPress plugin repository called InfiniteWP Client. This tool is awesome in simplifying your WordPress management tasks into a simple click. For the premium version, you can purchase the advanced features you need in the form of Addons.

There is usually a comparison between ManageWP and InfiniteWP but I think it’s your choice to choose the one fit your budget and website’s requirements.

3. CMS Commander

One of those robust WordPress multisite management tools is CMS Commander. It saves your time on management tasks by presenting all websites and their information in a dashboard. Just a few clicks and your tasks get done.

The provider also thought of helping you monetize your websites, so they integrated 9 different affiliate networks and 23 content sources in this tool. The pricing starts from $4.90 per month for 5 websites.

4. WPRemote

WPRemote helps you monitor all your WordPress websites efficiently. It comes with Free and Pro editions. The Free edition allows you to add unlimited sites, update all your websites’ themes and plugins in one click. More features will require using the Pro version.

WPRemote pro ‘s starting price is $5 per site per month.

5. iControlWP

Another great tool to tame all your WordPress beasts at once. The main dashboard allows you to run themes and plugins update, moderate comments, and more.

It provides a 30-day trial and then if you feel like it, you can start using the premium version for $0.95/website per month.

6. VaultPress

If you are running multisite, you can’t skip multisite security. I would suggest VaultPress as your ultimate protector. VaultPress is an automated backup service from Automattic (Matt Mullenweg and his team WordPress developer).

The Lite plan costs $5 per month and you’ll have a daily backup with a 30-day archive and automated restores. For multisite, you’ll have to purchase a subscription for each of your sites (this might be quite expensive if you run many sites).

7. Sucuri

Sucuri is an essential security scanning tool for your WordPress multisite. Well you see, backup alone is not enough. You need to scan for bad issues as well as in the worst scenario, when your site gets hacked, they’ll help you fix it.

Its plans start from $7.49/site per month.

Top WordPress Plugins For Multisite

1. User Switching

User Switching is a useful tool to help you quickly jump from one user account to another with just one click. This plugin is very handy for testing since admin users will need to constantly switch between different accounts to check.

2. User Role Editor

This plugin is among those WordPress plugins that help to control user roles with less effort. With User Role Editor, when you need to tweak user role capabilities or, more importantly, reset them all to their WordPress core defaults, it does the job right away.

3. Multisite Enhancements

Multisite Enhancements

Multisite Enhancement is said to be one of those plugins that anyone with WordPress multisite should have. This plugin adds some more useful information and functions for admin so you can save time on doing your tasks.

Check out the plugin’s page to view all functions they provide.

4. Jet Pack

Jet Pack is a superhero tool by WordPress to help you with administering all your connections from your super admin accounts.

5. Disable Comments

Disable Comments helps you turn off all comments on all your sites. Comment-related items can be removed from the Dashboard, Widgets, the Admin Menu and the Admin Bar. A major lifesaver for any multisite admin who is in need of this.

6. W3 Total Cache

As described in its page, W3 Total Cache is the only WordPress Performance Optimization (WPO) framework which is designed to improve user experience and page speed. If you run multisite and want them to load faster, you’ll definitely need this super caching plugin.

7. Multisite Toolbar Additions

This lightweight plugin does a great job in wiping the sweat from your multisite admin tasks. It adds numerous settings links, etc. to toolbars. The plugin is intended for Super Admins (Multisite context) and Site Admins (non-Multisite context).

8. WordPress MU Domain Mapping

The plugin does what it says it maps unique domains to individual sites on your network. It’s a should-have plugin for anyone wishing to use multi-site functionality.

To conclude,

I just want to say, save your time and make money out of your sites. That’s not something hard to do you have plenty of helpful tools around you. Give it a try and lift your multisite management job to the next level.

I believe that the A to Z guide to WordPress multisite helps you understand it better and now you know what you got to finish it. Share these words with your folks if you feel they are good.

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