A Quick Look At Ninja – Upcoming Fashion WooCommerce Theme

Ninja is a fashion WooCommerce Theme made for free style fashion shop. Thisisn’t one of the premium WooCommerce themes that you might see everyday. Users will have a special experience using the theme, not only because of its well-polished finish but also because of its remarkable UX design.

Exceptional full-screen menu

The first thing you might notice about Ninja is the absence of the header. You won’t see it with a main menu at the top or a vertical menu at the side like regular websites, but a button at the bottom of the screen.

Ninja - Full Screen Fashion WooCommerce Theme - Full Screen Menu

When you click the button, a professional-looking full screen menu will slide out smoothly. From here you can access all pages of the website. This style of menu gives you lots of space for the main page layout, i.e., it doesn’t bother you with a header and menu bar. Windows Phone users may find this kind of menu familiar, but for those who don’t, it will be an interesting experience.

Now you are acquainted with navigating in Ninja, let’s explore the theme and see it in action!

Live Preview

Homepage 1 – Shop right from the homepage

Ninja - Full Screen Fashion WooCommerce Theme - Home 1

With homepage 1, you are able to show off 3 to 5 product categories with nice demo images and category names, which are all customizable. When the user clicks on each category, they will see a short description and latest products in the category. A cool thing about this homepage: You can drag any products to navigate through the carousel.

Homepage 2 – Full screen slider

Ninja - Full Screen Fashion WooCommerce Theme - Home 2

Ninja is integrated with Slider Revolution which is demonstrated with homepage version 2. With these sliders, you can tell people what’s happening in your website, and redirect them to your latest products, collections or promotional campaigns. If you are looking for slider ideas, visit Slider Revolution’s example sliders. Impress anyone who visits your website with stunning creative sliders!

Homepage 3 – Products with detailed information

Ninja - Full Screen Fashion WooCommerce Theme - Home 3

The first thing you’ll see with this homepage version is 3 products from the shop with detailed information. Do you wanna show off your latest/best-selling products right in the front page? If yes, then this is the one for you.

Category and shop pages

Ninja - Full Screen Fashion WooCommerce Theme - Shop

For the shop pages, you will notice the absence of a sidebar with product categories and filters. Instead of that, you have a full screen page showing off your products in a neat and clean layout. You can still access an advanced product filter at the top left corner of the page.

Sub pages

Ninja - Full Screen Fashion WooCommerce Theme - 404

The creativity doesn’t stop with the basics, but every other sub page is also unique. The coolest one is the 404 error page, which may make you actually want your customers to get the error and see the cute Ninja. In addition to that, Ninja also has eye-catching pages for blog, under construction status, contact us, about us and FAQs.

Additional eCommerce features

Beside its exceptional design, Ninja is still a fashion WooCommerce theme as it is equipped with eCommerce components. Ninja offers more than what WooCommerce has by default with WooRockets’ optimizations. These promising features can help to increase your sales significantly:

  • Newsletter Signup popup
  • Product Quickview
  • Product Photo zoom
  • Mailchimp Integration

Are you getting excited about Ninja? What do you think of the theme? Tell us in the comment box below so we can make Ninja even better for you!

Live Preview Now

2 thoughts on “A Quick Look At Ninja – Upcoming Fashion WooCommerce Theme”

  1. Brad says:

    Looking sharp!!!

    1. Ivy Nguyen says:

      Thank you Brad 🙂 Ninja will be released in a few days, hope you will like it!

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