The 8 best WooCommerce Store Themes for your next project

WooCommerce Giving wings to the Tiger!

When shopping online is more than just a trend but a custom for regular shoppers, it is a must for supermarkets to have an online store. If you don’t have a website to allow your customers to “scroll” through the aisles from home, or if that website looks like it was born the same year asMySpace, then I suggest you should start building a brand-new eCommerce site.

One of the platforms on which you can build a stable online store is WordPress WooCommerce. Many of you may think of WordPress simply as a platform for blogging. That is true but not entirely. In fact, WordPress is the most used CMS (Content Management System) for websites. WordPress is used by 23.6% of all websites; that also means 60.8% of all the websites using CMS are powered by WordPress. The story is not over yet. The launch of WooCommerce in 2011 gave wings to the mighty WordPress tiger and turned it into one of the most stable and powerful eCommerce platform ever since the extinction of theTyrannosaurs!

Ecommerce technologies Web Usage line chart


Google Trends - Web Search interest: woocommerce

(source: Google Trend)

From the above line charts, we can see the WooCommerce Rocket and its trail of smoke starting from its launch in September 2011. Up untilthis very moment, there seems to be no clear sign of the rocket stopping its sky-high journey. We can also see that WooCommerce has stayed atop of other eCommerce platforms in terms of quantity. According to WooThemes, WooCommerce is currently the most used eCommerce solution in the entire Internet with more than 7 millions downloads and more than 663,153 websites running on the WooCommerce platform. It’s easy to come to the conclusion that WooCommerce will be the future of eCommerce.

With these facts in mind, we suggest that you should put the first brick of your online supermarkets or shopping malls on aWooCommerce base. As a reference for marketers and website developers, in this article we will go through our collection of WooCommerce storethemes and explain how these themes will be good for your online business.

Recommended WooCommerce storethemes

1. Nitro – Universal WooCommerce Theme


Price: $59

This theme deserves an honored position in our collection for many reasons. Nitro WooCommerce themeis exclusively made for multipurpose eCommerce niche. It is the latest “rocket” from WooRockets, designed to boost your business. With a neat, clean and bright layout, equipped with many state-of-the-art eCommerce and customization features, Nitrohelps you customize and manage your eCommerce websites without ever breaking a sweat. However, what’s special about Nitrois that it comes as a complete package to help you sell. The ultimate Nitropack includes promotion banners, pop-up windows, product live search, hot deal countdown and especially a sales landing page for your marketing campaigns.

Nitrosupports multiple kinds of devices, meaning your customer can access your online storeanytime, anywhere as long as they have access to the Internet. There are more features waiting for you, just click “View Details” below to discover them.

2. Oswad – The Supermarket online

Price: $59

Another great theme from made by tvlgiao, Oswad is highly rated for its neat and friendly design.

Oswad is compatible with WooCommerce, 100% fully responsive, has a built-in MegaMenu plugin and many other cool features.

3. GoMarket –WooCommerce Supermarket Theme


Price: $59

GoMarket may not be a theme with the fanciest design, but it is a theme that works well for eCommerce sites, especially electronic/digital stores.
GoMarket is also very friendly with acustomizable layout, is equipped with a lot of shortcodes and has many styles to choose from.

4. Premiumo – WooCommerce Shopping Theme


Price: $59

Premiumo is a theme well loved for its simplicity of design as well as as its ease of use and customization. Nonetheless, Premiumo still provides a powerful framework as a theme and comes with a bunch of interesting features.

5. Nielsen – The ultimate e-commerce theme


Price: $59

If Nielsen were a guy, it would surely be a tall blond, handsome guy. Its design is very eye-catching and it also serves well as a theme for eCommerce. Nielsen works on aWooCommerce base and is quite flexible regarding customization.

6. WooMarket – Supermarket WordPress WooCommerce Theme


Price: $59

Another theme from tvlgiao, WooMarket looks good and sure can also be a good theme to spend your money on.
WooMarket is 100% responsive, ishighly compatible with WooCommerce and provides you with all the standard features you can think of.

7. Agrofields – Food Shop & Grocery Market WP Theme


Price: $59

This theme stands out in this list as the onlyone that focuses on agricultural and organic products. It is designed to meet the specific requirements of presenting agricultural products.
Besides, Agrofields has one of the largest shortcode collections on Themeforest marketplace, which makes it very easy to build and customize!

8. Mega Shop – WooCommerce Responsive Theme


Price: $59

Mega Shop is like a multi-tool, you can customize it into an electronics, cosmetics, or an accessories online mega store. Mega Shop is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce. It is also fully responsive, meaning it auto-adjusts to your customers’ devices.

Mega Shop would be a wise choice for your online stores. Check out its details below by clicking “View Details”


Know better WooCommerce Shopping themes?

Just like the great supermarket you are running off the Internet, you want your online store to be brightly presented, have clear layout, with beautiful images and great CTAs (Call-to-Action). We believe the themes in this collection could do just what you want themto do; however, there’s more to the WP world. Setting up a WP site can be even easier with the help of plugins. In the next article in this series, we will show you some plugins that we think would help you build the best eCommerce sites for supermarkets. Stay tuned!

This WooCommerce Shopping Theme collection is only for our personal favorites. If you think you know of better themes for supermarkets, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact us and tell us what you think!

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