7 Tips To Utilize Your WordPress Contact Form Plugin

According to HackerTarget.com’s WordPress Statistics for the Top 500K Sites, contact form plugins are the most popular plugin, being used in at least 25% of the top WordPress websites on the Internet. Why?

No one wants to make public their email address and then get tons of spam. A contact form prevents that, and it makes communicating easier. Yes, you should definitely think about having one on your website, and let me show you some tips to make this wonderful function even better.

Keep it short and simple

Most of the contact form plugins on the market don’t have a length limit, you can create as many fields as you want. Just remember, no one likes a 20-page-form! Don’t try to get so much information at once; your users may find it inconvenient to fill in a long form that has many questions. Keep it short and simple; a good form shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes to fill in.

Provide helpful hints and links

Show your users what kind of information you are expecting, such as time format or telephone number. If you have a link to your privacy policy, remember to put it on your contact form so your users know they are putting their information in the right hands.

Prevent spamming

It would be a disaster to be attacked by hundreds of spam submissions. Captcha is our old buddy, but still very helpful. Plugins such as WR ContactForm allow you to enable captcha to protect your website from spam.

Store your submissions

You can receive submissions via email, and it’s the easiest way to record them. However what happens if something goes wrong with your email? You should consider a plugin that stores the submission in WordPress, so that you can have access to it whenever you want. If you are using the famous Contact Form 7, you probably need an add-on for this; why don’t you try WR ContactForm or others which automatically do it for you, just by ticking a box?

Use a 3rd Party SMTP Provider

If you are using a shared host, your emails are likely marked as spam by Google. To prevent this from happening, you can use some 3rdparty SMTP providers who promise that your emails will never be marked as spam.

Our suggestions:

Personalize emails

A personal touch is always appreciated. For example, with WR ContactForm, you can add multiple recipients for the admin notification e-mails. Customizing the content of each e-mail becomes easy by selecting the relevant values. You can add email addresses to receive email notifications whenever a form is submitted to your website and you can also send an email to the submitter to inform them about successful sending.

Customized content of the emails will spectacularly improve the submitters’ experience. Welcoming them with a nice picture, sending helpful tips about particular products, cross-promoting other products, or rewarding them a special coupon for their efforts are always great! Otherwise letting specific people in your team receive different parts of the notification will reduce distractions and raise effectiveness.

Kick-start with a free WordPress Contact Form

There IS good free stuff out there. Before you dig into your pocket for some premium plugins, make sure you have tried one of these free plugins first. Our WR ContactForm is absolutely a good start, because we know all of your difficulties before we built this plugin. It’s very easy to use and very powerful to work with!

Get it today and you are on the right track to be a professional WordPress website owner, we promise!

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