6 Tips to Empower Your E-commerce Website with WooCommerce Plugins

If you have been in the WordPress field, running online store for a while, I believe you already familiar with WooCommerce. In short, WooCommerce plugin is ideal solution for creating online stores using WordPress. It has many extensions (add-on) to help increase efficiency and full convergence of functions necessary for a professional sales page.

However, many store owners are struggling to find the best way to run a successful online website. In this post, I would like to recommend 6 useful tips to help you make a great shopping experience for your customers and keep them interested from time to time.

1. Showcase appealing products images

Appealing product images play an initial role to keep your customers’ attention and help tham stay interested in exploring your website and eventually make their purchase decision. Here are some useful tips for you to make sure that your product photos stand out and give your customers the best experience:

Using large images of products with multipe angles to let the customers see them in detail.

Integrate proper WooCommerce plugin created for image zoomto allow them to zoom in on specific images and easily compare them to other products to find out which is the best bet for them.

Arrange to make your own unique product images with crafted photographs, with a consistent style and gorgeous appearance. This also helps scream out your brand characteristics and set your website ahead of other rivals.

2. Enhance your WooCommerce store brand with great copy

Selling things online doesn’t mean that your website is just continuously boring product collections. Take full advantage of great copy to embrace your brand’s values on an About us page. Do not waste precious space to give your customer useful information in product descriptions.

You can give your customers a reason to buy products from your page instead of other websites by focusing on potential information that they usually wonder about. Especially, pay attention toSupport pagestoo, this is a place to show your great enthusiasm and strong support, so be supportive by implementing informative Q&A, documentation and instructions.

3. Create engaging and useful blog content

In addition to high quality products, engaging and useful blog content is always a sharp tool to keep your customer revisiting your site. However, some ecommerce stores still aren’t aware of the real deal of enhancing a strong online brand through blog content. Online stores should focus on a particular market and find the most effective way to deeply connect with their customers in order to satisfy customer experience and build their loyalty, brick by brick.

Interesting posts can encourage your readers to share them widely on the internet. Potential customers from different places can learn who you are, and obviously they will come to your website through those reliable sources.


4. Reviews and ratings matter

According to BazaarVoice research,”products with reviews have a 12.5% higher conversion rate than those without”. This number truly speaks a lot. Customers nowadays freely raise their voice and share their purchase experiences more than ever before. In a positive way, this is also your precious opportunity to promote your products to new shoppers and especially learn about what service or product features your customers need.

Beside, EVOC Insightsstudy has shown that 63% of users are more likely purchase from a shop that has reviews and ratings. It’s time to consider putting product reviews and ratings on your WooCommerce store. You can easily choose the most suitable WooCommerce plugin for product review solutionsto empower your online store. Amazon understands this and you can see how big its business has grown.

5. Being support-ready is essential element to boost customer experience

Being support-ready is required not only after purchase but also pre-purchase. That means helping customers to find suitable products and shop with ease, giving them a great experience in your online store. Clean and clear FAQ pages, policies and pricing, returns and guarantees guidance are always highly appreciated. A contact form and detailed contact information is a bonus to encourage them get in touch with you.

Moreover, live chat to directly support users on the page is an ideal method to help them shop as well as give proper product advice. A lightweight and free WooCommerce plugin such asMyLiveChatis a powerful tool which can help you to save chat transcripts, generate detailed analytics and reports to provide a better overview of your customers’ support needs. The more you make your shoppers enjoy their experience in your online store, the more success your online store will achieve.

6. Back-up your WooCommerce website.

Threats to online store security have increased noticeably in recent years. Now, the hacking threat does not just happen in Hollywood movies but it’s a real hazard that your WooCommerce store has to face. Prevention is better than cure. It’s always a great solution to backup all your files, website content and databases regularly. I believe that if your customers’ purchases are interrupted by unwelcome hackers, you’re facing a difficult situation to rebuild their trust and loyalty.

For long term and better web security, we suggest that you should go for backup services such as VaultPress, BackWPup, or WP-DB-Backupto avoid unexpected downtime. Besides, you can also consider choosing a trusted hosting server and upgrade regularly to improve web security. This is all for your sake.

In conclusion

Building a successful online store that strongly imprints your brand image is never a flat road. However, I hope you find the tips mentioned above informative and useful for you to hold your customer’s attention, provide them with a comfortable purchasing experience as well as keep them connected with your brand.

What about your experiences in building an incredible WooCommerce store? Feel free to share them with us!

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