Getting Started with WooCommerce? 6 Places to Begin Your WooCommerce Training

Congratulations on a wise choice of choosing WooCommerce for your eCommerce WordPress website!

Right after saying ‘Hello’ to it, you may find your mind wandering around to get through the installation and initial setup for WooCommerce. Rest assured that there’s no big challenge waiting for you. But to help you tackle this very first challenge with WooCommerce more easily, I’m going to give you 6 must-visit places.

Here, start your engine and go.

WooCommerce Training and Documentation

WooCommerce Training documentation

Look no further, if you want to get started with WooCommerce, go ahead and check everything about WooCommerce on WooThemes first.

From its WooCommerce documentation, you have everything you need to read to set up WooCommerce on your website. The initial steps are broken down in detailed instructions so don’t be scared that you’ll get lost.

If you still get stuck with the long text, WooThemes do support you with WooCommerce training 101 video tutorials to lift you right through each step.

In ourprevious talk with WooThemes support ninja Danny Santoro, he shared with us that WooThemes is releasing a series of WooCommerce video tutorials for users to help them have a more interactive learning experience with WooCommerce products.


WooCommerce training udemy

Besides WooThemes, you can look for a good free course on Udemy on setting up an eCommerce website with WooCommerce. This course helps you build your WooCommerce site in within 30 minutes. The course has 4 sections: the first two help you through WooCommerce quickstart, are totally free; the later ones go deeper into products, widgets, shipping, order management, etc. in WooCommerce, are paid.

Till now, the course has had more than 7,000 students who have enrolled. The reviews are really good too, with praise for the helpful and great WooCommerce introduction.


WooCommerce training tutplus

There is no doubt that Tutplus is one of the best places for us to learn and sharpen our technical skills. WooCommerce is no exception. In Tutplus learning guides, there are two in-depth posts to help you get started with WooCommerce training:

Besides these 2 articles, there are some other articles in another series. You can check them out here.



WooCommerce training bobwp

If you know WordPress, it’s nearly impossible not to know BobWP. Bob has a good series of WooCommerce tutorials with more than 16+ tutorials to help you learn WooCommerce by heart.

For the time being, the tutorials are member-protected; but Bob shared that over the next couple of months he’s moving those tutorials over to be free. Therefore, you should stay updated with his coming blog posts for these free guides as they’ll be there soon.


WooCommerce training ostraining

The last recommended source in my list for learning WooCommerce is OSTraining. This video training hub contains a huge amount of good knowledge to learn everything about WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

For WooCommerce, OSTraining has an intermediate course to teach you about it. In this course, Marc Beneteau – the founder of WordPress Academy – will guide you through everything to get WooCommerce working on your WordPress sites. Visit the site and take a look at its table of contents to find out what you’ll learn from the course.

One note: The course is paid for, not free, so you’d better consider before enrolling.


WooCommerce training pootle

PootlePress is known for not only their WooCommerce extensions but also their WordPress courses in the UK. In their topic “How to build a WooCommerce store“, you have free access to 21 tutorial videos. With the detailed instruction, your WooCommerce store will be ready in less than 1 hour.

Happy indulging in your WordPress training!

I hope that with these 5 recommendations, you now have a clue of which way to go when you need some WooCommerce training, both in detailed documentation and visual learning through videos tutorials. We have another detailed list for the best WooCommerce tutorial websites!

There are some other premium courses to help you learn WooCommerce at both beginner and advanced level, but I’d suggest you take advantage of the free stuff out there first. Plus, most WordPress, as well as WooCommerce, developers I know have learned everything from scratch on their own. Wanna hear their stories? Pick up some WordPress books or dive in the WooCommerce community sites for real-life sharing!

How and where did you start your learning with WooCommerce? Did it take you a long time? Feel free to share with me your experiences below.

3 thoughts on “Getting Started with WooCommerce? 6 Places to Begin Your WooCommerce Training”

  1. Great resources Vivian! In addition is a course that goes step by step through the process of building an eCommerce website with the WooCommerce plugin.

  2. Hi Guys,

    Just to let you know that we’ve put together this free video tutorial series on how to build a WooCommerce store here (this is also featured on the WooThemes support site

    We also run training courses on WooCommerce in the UK 🙂


    1. Vivian Vu says:

      Hey Jamie,
      Thank you so much for the recommendation. Just updated the article 😉

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