5 WordPress Hostings You Should Be Using Right Now

Have you ever found yourself stuck in the sea of all the WordPress hosting companies and don’t really know which one to choose from? Then we are here to help! Each WordPress hosting company has their own unique strengths, and you should choose one based on your unique needs. You can find detailed reviews on other sites, but here we will note down the best 5 hostings we think you should consider based on the reviews of the customers.

1. SiteGround

The Pros:

– The support: SiteGround is mentioned as the best hosting company in almost every chart for a reason. People really appreciate the support they receive from SiteGround, from the instant reply to walking through every detail with customers. SiteGround tech support is among the best in term of quickness and precision.

– The uptime: SiteGround promises (and really delivers) 99.99% uptime, which is fascinating just by everyone’s standards. SiteGround has a software managing 90% of the human interactions, therefore, its downtime reduced significantly, and which makes SiteGround stay among the top in reliability around.

– The speed: It is reasonable for customers to seek a fast hosting service, after all we like everything to work a little bit quicker. SiteGround is top notch in this area as well. Many customers have mentioned that with changing to SiteGround, the page load time which takes around a minute before is now lowered to only seconds. Pretty impressive.

The Cons:

– The limit storage place: With SiteGround, you’ll get around 10GB to 30GB of storage space. Some might find it enough, while others will feel annoyed by this lack of space, but it depends mostly on the individuals themselves.

2. BlueHost

The Pros:

– The unlimited storage space: Unlike SiteGround, BlueHost offers unlimited hosting space, unlimited domains, website and email account on their shared hosting plan. This can come in handy for the people who find the 10GB amount from SiteGround limiting, considering that they come with the same price.

– The CPanel: Many customers have noted that they really enjoyed BlueHost’s CPanel because they were not such tech wiz when they first went to BlueHost. There are many tools that BlueHost provides to guide you through the process and lead to more opportunities once you get better.

– The ease of use: BlueHost offers access to instant setup script and one-click installs, which is a nice touch for those beginners out there. If you like things simple and easy to use, BlueHost is a go-to choice.

The Cons:

– The support: Although also offers a 24/7 supporting service like SiteGround, BlueHost received many complaints from customers regarding this area. Some said that their Tech Support is more of a hit-and-miss, with you ended up with either a true professional, or a true in-experienced helper, no middle ground. Plus some has mentioned that they had to wait forever for the helpers to come across to sort their troubles out.

– The downtime: Customers also mentioned frequent downtime with BlueHost, especially with the website hosted in dedicated hosting. You may say that BlueHost is made for shared hosting, rather than for dedicated hosting and VPS.

3. DreamHost

The Pros:

-The return policy: With other services, you will normally get a 30-day refund policy, however, with DreamHost, they offer a 97-day refund policy, which is a good amount of time to set things up and feel things out before completely committing to one service.

-The cPanel: DreamHost uses a custom control panel designed in-house that allows users to manage many services such as billing and support, as well as email, domain registrations, databases and one-click installs. It is easy to use because it incorporates both account and web hosting settings, which means one less password to remember.

-The strict user agreement: This agreement license forbids you from allowing visitors to access your server resources or from streaming copyrighted material, and they may even ask you to switch to a dedicated server if they found your site takes up too much resources. This may sound bad, but if you look at it another way, DreamHost is willing to take action if other site causes problems to yours.

The Cons:

-The support: Many have complaints about the technical support of DreamHost. They commented that the support is supportive, but slow and insufficient if the website is in a tight spot.

-The downtime: DreamHost has a history of scattered downtime that can cause problems for some users, despite the fact that they promise a 100% uptime. It won’t be much of a problem if your site is small, however, you still need to consider the fact if you own a large site with massive traffic loads.

4. WebSynthesis

The Pros:

– The management: Recommended especially by Yoast, the head of the game in WordPRess, WebSynthesis surely has done something right. Different from the hosting above, WebSynthesis is a managed WordPress hosting service that will do almost everything for you, from security, to caching, to backing up, with backups done every night. The management system is logical work so you won’t have to worry anymore.

– The Company: Funny as it sounds, for WebSynthesis, we must especially notify the company behind it, CopyBlogger Media. This company is also the author of StudioPress, ScribeSEO, Genesis Framework and many more. Hence, if you are using any of their products for your website, chances are that WebSynthesis will offer better support and integration for your site than any other web hosting out there.

– The speed: Many has acclaimed that switching to WebSynthesis also reduced their page load time significantly.

The Cons:

– The limited bandwidth: Nowadays, it’s becoming harder and harder to find a web hosting that offers only limited bandwidth. WebSynthesis is one them though. Ranging from 50GB to 3TB, the limited bandwidth can be a pain if you have enjoyed the freedom of other web hosting, and opt to a smaller-than-average pricing plan with WebSynthesis.

– The features: Comparing to its closest competitor WPEngine, WebSynthesis does not have the features exclusively belonged to the other. They don’t even own anything close to it. The otherhosting company has CDN and Staging Area, which will be further examined below.

5. WPEngine

The Pros:

– The feature: WPEngine is a huge competitor when it comes to managed WordPress hosting. As mentioned above, WPEngine owns something exclusively for themselves, the CDN (Content Delivery Network) that allow you to deliver all of your images, JavaScript and CSS straight to your visitor’s browser. WP Engine also provides Staging Area, a place where you can create a copy of your entire website, making it easy to change it however you want. They are very alluring, especially when you enjoy constant tweaking of your site.

– The management: Just like WebSynthesis, WPEngine provides you with the website management tasks, from security work to SEO or content management. This will give you a free hand to do further development without worrying about trivial everyday actions for your site. However, in comparison with WebSynthesis, WPEngine has a better system, for example, it has some sort of ‘blacklist’ plugins that you cannot install, while WebSynthesis still allow you to install. The first hand blacklist will help you avoid the mess that you might face in the future by using the plugins, which is reasonably good.

The Cons:

– The price: WPEngine is expensive when compared to shared hosting service like SiteGround or BlueHost, but it is also slightly more expensive even comparing to its closest competitor Web Synthesis. While Synthesis offers $97 a month for professional package, the same package with WPEngine is $99. Only a hair length, but you should still consider it very carefully what will come along with the above pricing.

Here we have compared 5 different WordPress hosting services, three of them are shared hosting, and the other two are WordPress specialized managed hosting. Have you found what you are looking for in this list? Are you using any other hosting service? Comment below and let us know.

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