5 Tricks How To Hack Brains of Your eCommerce Visitors

Let’s face it. If you’re running a business most likely, you don’t have a traffic problem. But it’s a fact that no business owner who wouldn’t like to raise their conversion rate. Did you know that only 5% of marketing budgets are used on optimization of conversion rate? Hence it’s not surprising that EVERY website has issues with conversion rate optimization.

Did you know that only 5% of marketing budgets are used on optimization of conversion rate? Hence it’s not surprising that EVERY website has issues with conversion rate optimization.

Viktor from WebCreate.Me shared some of the best practices to improve conversion rate based on his experience with eCommerce WordPress Themes, building and optimizing online shops for clients.

Part of the traffic will leave right after they land. The remaining part will split into those who will leave the page if they are comparing prices or they are just not so impressed of what your website offers.

So what we have in the end? The SMALL remaining amount of visitors consists of customers that have already decided to purchase the products after completing their research, or they were referred from other websites to make a purchase.

Are you also one of those businesses who put so much effort on getting more visitors? Then don’t forget that visitors are useless when they aren’t spending money to purchase your product or service. It’s time to change the strategy and focus more converting the traffic into sales.

Here’s list of hacking tricks which you can implement quickly and improve your conversion rates.


1. Get your visitors to make a commitment

It all starts will small commitments. If you are only selling, so the visitor has only option to give you some credit cards, you’re making it way harder to make a decision.

Let’s start if from the opposite side. Visitors will give you their e-mail address easier. They will more likely start to use a trial version of your product and then continue using it than immediately purchase a full membership.

When you make your visitors to sign up for free or try the product/service for free, it’s smaller commitment, so they will more likely be open to making bigger commitments later.

What you have to do is to find out what brakes people when it comes to purchasing. To know the critical parts of conversion funnel is essential before you start optimization.

When you figure out why they hesitate you, can turn that into an advantage and get them make a small commitment. It may be a short tutorial video on your landing page showing how your product can help.


2. Play with the time scarcity

Even though it’s one of the oldest marketing tricks creating an urgency with a countdown will make your visitors to narrow their minds and decide. You also don’t wanna miss buying something before it’s out of stock.

A countdown or limited stock supply make your product look more attractive and appealing. The price you see now may not be available later so in the end you dig the offer or buy it.


3. Improve the load speed

Nobody wants to wait, that’s a fact. Sean Work wrote a piece for Kissmetrics about how loading time affects your bottom line, and as stated in the article, a 1-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. If an e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day, a 1-second page delay could potentially cut off $2.5 million sales every year.

First of all, change your hosting provider. It’s an obvious trick but there are many websites with high traffic that still use miserable hosting services. If you’re not a beginner, then don’t let your website suffer on low-cost hosting. You can afford something better. Also, you may think about the own server.

Next step is picture editing. Some image editors allow to resize it without affecting the quality. After compromising image size perform a speed test (e.g. GTmetrix) and see the difference.


4. Use a social proof

Imagine a situation. You are standing on the street in front of two restaurants. One is empty therefore you assume the food must be awful and better head over the second one with a queue full of starving customers. They can’t be wrong. Why not use this premise also to make your visitors push the CTA button?

Social proof is a vigorous and powerful marketing tool so let it work in your favor. It doesn’t need to be a celebrity, depends on your field it can be an expert, wisdom of the crowd (e.g. 5* rating), informative video with people who have already tried your product. Has your product been mentioned in some influential media outlets? Put it out there and let people know who knows about your qualities.


5. Popups that won’t irritate

If you don’t want to cross the line of spam, think before every placement of popup windows. Did you know that 70% of Americans are annoyed by irrelevant popups, and it’s the no.1 reason why people will block a website. Instead of bothering your visitors with unlogical popups creating nothing than negative tension use them correctly and double your conversion rate.

Surprisingly, there is no big deal behind using pop-ups pertinently. Try to build engagement with funny and entertaining pop-up (unless it’s highly inappropriate, then try to make it as pleasant as possible), with eligible placing and timing and make sure there is a visible button to close the window. Sometimes the consciousness and common sense are enough to see what is already too much.

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