5 Multi-function WooCommerce Plugins to Strengthen Your Promotion Campaign

Planning and launching a perfect promotion campaign will help maximize your online store’s revenue. Like, by using discounts or coupons flexibly you can encourage customers to shop more and be willing to come back for the next purchase.

Moreover, if they’re really satisfied with your products and services, they will share or refer your website to their friends. Of course, with this, you don’t have to pay any money to drive more traffic or clients to your websites.

The below list of “5 Multi-function WooCommerce Plugins to Strengthen Your Promotion Campaign” consists of top WooCommerce plugins that have a high rating and good feedback from WooCommerce users.

I hope this list will provide you the most suitable solution to enhance your promotion campaign effectively.


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1. Promotion Manager


With the affordable price of $24 and many great features, Promotion Manager is one of the best plugins you should try to set up more than one promotion campaign to fully manage your online store’s variable sales.

Promotion Manager allows you to set multiple promotion campaigns for individual products or categories with specific prices; scheduled sale dates, such as start date or end date, or days of the week on which you want to launch your sales, etc. You can display slideshows or banners to inform your customers about your special offers and quickly edit information to meet any change in your real-time campaign.

Have a closer look, with demo and screenshots here:

2. WooCommerce Coupon Campaigns

Price starts from $49 for single site.

If you need a customizable plugin to track your promotion campaigns’ performance within your marketplaces, this smart plugin is what you are looking for. Created by WooThemes, WooCommerce Coupon Campaigns is completely compatible with WooCommerce.

Integrated directly into the WooCommerce reporting dashboard, this plugin allows you to track every coupon campaign with visual reports across with several default options, like sort by days, weeks, months or years.

Check out the details here:

3. Dynamic Pricing

Price starts from $129 for single site

As its name implies, Dynamic Pricing is the perfect plugin for you to apply flexible pricing strategies. You can dramatically boost your sales by setting up attractive discounts and build customer loyalty with a stable and engaging product price roadmap.

In short, Dynamic Pricing provides many adjustable features for you to easily create up to 7 different discounts and pricing adjustments including:

  • Advanced Product Pricing, Advanced Category Pricing
  • Simple Category Pricing, Simple Role Based Pricing
  • Simple Category Pricing, Simple Membership Pricing
  • Order Total Based Pricing

This plugin also allows you to apply pricing and discount plans for all customers or individual membership.

Check out its documentation in the link below for more details before you purchase.

4. Review for Discount

Organic reviews from customers are priceless for every online store. This plugin was created in order to encourage customers to leave reviews for products, repeat purchases, and help drive up-sells and new sales.


Review for Discount automatically creates coupons for customers who review products and these coupons will be redeemed during the checkout process. You can also edit email contents with coupon codes to send to your customers after the purchase is finished.

Price starts form $29 for single site. Read more and buy here.

5. Viral Coupon

Nothing can deliver your tempting promotion campaign faster than social networks. If your promotion campaign aims to boost sales by increasing likes and shares on social networks, I think you should try this plugin.


Compatible with WordPress 4.0 plus WooCommerce 2.2.x, Viral Coupon automatically applies coupons for your customers when they like or share or even comment/tweet about your products. You can easily enable target the social networks you want along with the languages supported in these social networks as well.

Check out here for more details.

Final thoughts,

Have you picked a suitable plugin, yet? I know this list cannot cover all the great WooCommerce plugins that could be used to run a successful promotion campaign.

However, with your experiences in selling with WooCommerce, you can help contribute many more useful and effective plugins. Please share them with us.

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  1. Alexcoder says:

    You can also try this plugin “WooCommerce Promotion Helper” http://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-promotion-helper/16323428
    It allows you to generate an unique coupon for each user based on pre-set pattern.

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