5 Most Common Mistakes on WordPress E-commerce Websites

WordPress has now become a very popular and powerful CMS-based tool for e-commerce websites and blogs. WordPress provides an easy-access platform that everyone can easily start using. However, users may have to deal with security warnings and vulnerabilities caused by typical WordPress errors. In this article, we present to you the 5 most common WordPress mistakes on e-commerce websites and some WordPress tips to avoid making the same mistakes.

1. Forgetting to Install Caching Plug-in

Caching is one the most critical plug-ins for e-commerce WordPress websites. Caching helps to increase site efficiency, decrease loading time, and speed up performance which result in higher site rankings on Google. Forgetting to install this plug-in may cause lower traffic and a lower Google Ranking.

We suggest you apply WP Super CaChe or W3 ToTal Cache plug-ins to speed up e-commerce WordPress websites.

2. Not Making a WordPress Backup

Most WordPress users make the same mistake of forgetting to create a back up. This bad habit can have a very bad effect on e-commerce websites since we can easily lose all product information, customer databases, work progress, and financial data. We strongly recommend you to set up an automatic or manual back up of websites to make sure that the files are safe.

Crashes might happen any time, so make sure that you are ready to avoid the most painful situation loss of your precious data.

3. Ignoring WordPress Updates

One of the most common e-commerce website management behaviors is to ignore update notifications. Website owners don’t click on the update button to get the newest features so often. They are afraid that an update could bring more harmful programs to their websites and affect their businesses. An e-commerce user who ignores updating WordPress can be a potential target of hackers in the near future.

For security issues, check the newly released solution: Automattic Improves WordPress Security With BruteProtect Acquisition

4. Not Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool to manage and keep track of the performance of a website. Google Analytics allows users to track traffic of visitors, set up geography targeting, and define which information on the website gets high interest, etc.

In particular, for marketing professionals, Google Analytics is the most efficient tool to track which keyword will lead to conversion, which campaign is the most effective and how a website can convert more users to customers. Content developers use Google Analytics to measure retention rate and efficiency of search terms, whereas executives use it for customer segmentation and traffic trends. While the WordPress dashboard is not enough to get detailed insights, Google Analytics is the best web analytics services for e-commerce WordPress users.


Aside from Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools is another great option for keeping track of website performance. Moreover, if you would like to try other online traffic counters, Alexa and Compete could be excellent additional choices.

5. Changing Website URL and Losing All Traffic

Many e-commerce WordPress website users prefer a custom URL and later change the site URL according to their own interest. Changing the site URL without taking some proper steps can cause a significant drop in organic search traffic and the majority of a site’s ranking. Obviously, this WordPress error destroys SEO power and results in a dramatically lower income.

We advise you to pay attention to the default site URL when creating a new WordPress e-commerce website and set your custom one as soon as possible. If you have been using your e-commerce site for a certain period of time, check these guidance tips to safely change a website URL or follow this tutorial. Keep in mind that it is never too late to keep your sites secure and healthy.

We hope that you found these WordPress tips helpful and spread them to help other users make faster, better, and more secure e-commerce websites.

by Xuan Pham

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