5 Best Marketing Tools and Tactics to Increase Conversion Rate

When you are running a website, especially an e-commerce website, conversions are a measurable success. After all the hard work you have to do such as copywriting, marketing, it would be nice if there was any tool that could help you speed up the process of bringing traffic to your website.

This blog will introduce several helpful tools and tactics gathered from around the Internet.

1. Tactic: Improving on-page conversion

You can change the layoutand design of your website to increase conversion events such as using sign-ups, logins, purchases, subscriptions, and even shares.

Using buttons

It seems obvious that buttons attract more clicks than text because they stand out more, but sometimes you may take it for granted. Review your website and see if any of the call for action links is a button. A stand-out button doesn’t mean that its design is totally in contrast with the rest of the website. It should be big and obvious, but definitely not oversized. The location of the button is also important. Many case studies show that people tend to pay more attention to the upper part of the homepage rather than scrolling, here below refer to the terms above-the-fold (displayed without scrolling) and below-the-fold (you have to scroll to see this part). However if your information requires several scrolls, it’s fine as long as you are able to keep your audience’s interest.


Design is important

Especially when it comes to boosting the conversion rate. Have you chosen the right color for the background? Should this page element be at that place? Don’t worry, we got it covered in this blog post on How To Build A Killer Ecommerce WordPress Website.

2. Tactic: Speed up your website

Load time is always an important matter to keep your customers coming back to your website. It’s even more significant to those who are running an ecommerce website.

Tool: Google’s Page Speed. Just paste your URL and you can see which individual pages need improving.

Further reading:

Time Is Money: Speed Up A WordPress Ecommerce Website

3. Tactic: Turn abandoning-visitors into customers

Nearly 70% of carts are abandoned completely, which means your visitors never come back and make a purchase. It’s better to get them back before they ever leave.

Exit-intent technology is a new term; it predicts visitor behaviors and responses quickly to pull your visitors back to your website. First it tracks visitor activity as they browse your website. Then using a predictive algorithm, it is able to detect – within milliseconds – through mouse movements and velocity when a visitor is about to leave your site. Then it creates a response to keep your visitors on your site. (Adapted from CrazyEgg)

A popular method of exit-intent technology is the pop-up. This data showed that it is not as annoying as people usually think, but actually works.

Tool: Rooster


Designed by conversion rate optimization experts, Rooster’s exclusive “exit-intent” technology is a smart, non-invasive way to convert abandoning visitors to paying customers, and social ambassadors. You can try it free for 30 days and see how it works.

4. Tactic: Optimize your form

Online forms can be a powerful tool to get to know your visitors more. Make sure that you are very concise and clear about the information you want to get. Also keep it short and simple because no one likes a 20-page-long form!

Tool: WR Contact Form.

This user-oriented form creator with a drag-and-drop interface makes the job easier than ever. You no longer have to worry about writing code or learning any new skills!

5. Tactic: Integrate social media platforms

Nearly two-thirds of buyers are likely to make a purchase if they got a referral from social media according to HubSpot.com, while 68% of Americans say that social media affects their purchasing decisions. You can optimize for the placement and location of social features on your site (e.g., the Like and Tweet button) as well as contributions to social media sites to drive qualified, targeted value to your site.

Tool: Social media plugins. Wewill getyou covered here!


In this rather short blog post, I could not cover all the useful tactics that lift your conversion rate. You can also try copywriting, A/B split testing, email marketing, etc. to increase your conversion rate.

What have you done to boost your website?

3 thoughts on “5 Best Marketing Tools and Tactics to Increase Conversion Rate”

  1. Paul Stanely says:

    Chau Cao, above mentioned plugins are very important to increase conversion rate and one must install those plugins. I would also suggest to add one more extension and that is Product FAQs. By using such plugin you can publish FAQS right on product page and visitors can also place queries right on the product page.
    Such content will not not only clear the confusion and problems your visitor may be facing but can also convert visitor into buyers. you can find one here: Opencart FAQ product questions module

  2. How about adding social login to the website? studies show can almost 75% users leave the site when asked to fill those boring and long signup forms!
    Adding a social login function will definitely increase conversion and lower bounce rate as well.

    1. Chau Cao says:

      Thank you Prince Kapoor! It’s definitely a great idea! You can check out the tips to use social network here http://www.woorockets.com/top-social-media-plugins-for-woocommerce-website/


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