The 5 Best eCommerce Payment Gateways For WordPress Websites

To build an online store, you need both a shopping cart and a payment gateway that have the functionality you are looking for. eCommerce payment gateways are essential for online transactions and is a crucial part of e-business. Choosing the right payment gateway is one of the most critical factors in eCommerce success. PayPal, Stripe,, etc. what is your choice?


ecommerce payment gateways paypal


Image Credit: PayPal

PayPal – the most reputable and trustworthy payment gateway, is highly recognized among e-business professionals and non-professionals. Web payments, Mobile payments, Business on eBay, and Online invoicing are the main products powered by PayPal.


  • Doesn’t require a PayPal account. You can log in directly using your email.
  • Accepts a variety of online payment methods: Credit Cards, PayPal, and Debit Cards
  • Doesn’t require a merchant account
  • No SSL Certificate required
  • Available in more than 190 countries.
  • No monthly fee. Reasonable transaction rate
  • Registered non-profits and charities can get a special low rate


  • The payment doesn’t go into your back account directly, you have to go to Paypal to get it by paying service charges
  • Steeper individual transaction fees are a problem for large volume businesses

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ecommerce payment gateways stripe


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Stripe is one of the hottest new eCommerce payment gateways available. Are you building a marketplace, mobile app, or subscription service? Stripe has all the features that you will ever need.


  • No monthly fees, no extra charges for different cards, payment methods, or currencies
  • Offers great API
  • Doesn’t require PCI Compliance for recurring payment purposes
  • Doesn’t require a separate merchant account
  • Relatively low transaction rate: 2.9% plus 30 cents flat rate for transactions. Stripe also offers discounts as the volume goes up



  • Requires an SSL certificate
  • Doesn’t support Mobile Payment, which may lose a certain number of users in the mobile shopping market
  • Available for business owners in the US, Canada, UK, Belgium, France, Ireland and The Netherlands only

Stripe keeps expanding, and it is predicted that Stripe will keep breaking new records on their newly targeted markets.



ecommerce payment gateways authorize


Image Credit: is among the most powerful and well-known payment gateways. Authorize offers custom payment forms that reside on their server, and this feature is well-supported by eCommerce WordPress plugins.


  • Supports on-form payments, recurring billing, and mobile payment
  • Allows you to take payment directly through the site.
  • Compliant with PCI security requirements. Therefore, it’s easy to obtain an SSL certificate
  • Preconfigured “buy” buttons and “donate” buttons
  • Solutions available for every type of online storefront.


  • Set up fees and Gateway fees are relatively high: $99 for setup and $20 for monthly gateway
  • Country limited access. To process international payments, your business must be domiciled in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, or Europe
  • Requires a merchant account
  • Doesn’t offer volume discounts

Overall, Authorize is a good solution to provide everything you need to automate, manage and process credit card payments.

4. 2CheckOut

ecommerce payment gateways 2checkout


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2CheckOut – with hosted checkout and API options, accepts online payments all over the world. 2CheckOut helps you expand your business by offering a global reach, local familiarity, superior fraud protection, and simple implementation.


  • Accept a variety of online payment methods: Credit Cards, PayPal, and Debit Cards
  • Provides a service for downloadable products and recurring billing
  • Supports Mobile Payment
  • Doesn’t require a separate merchant account
  • Present in over 200 countries
  • No monthly fees or hidden fees


  • Transaction fee is relatively high for any country outside of the US: at 5.5% per transaction, plus 45 per transaction fee
  • Doesn’t offer volume discounts
  • No hosted checkout page

2checkout is one of the most simple and affordable credit card gateways. Check out their global payments with a localized buying experience to understand how it helps you maximize online sales.




ecommerce payment gateways intuit

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Intuit offers everything a merchant needs to set up an eCommerce payment gateway and conduct business online. It is a reasonable solution for items with a moderate volume of sales.


  • Low set up fees and fair transaction fees
  • Easy integration with website
  • Integrates with QuickBooks through QuickBooks Payments.
  • No monthly fee. Transaction fees: 2.40% + $0.25 per swiped transaction 3.40% + $0.25 per keyed transaction


  • Users without other Intuit software such as QuickBooks will miss out on some useful features
  • Slow International Expansion: Present in only afew countries across the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe; just 5% of its overall revenue comes from outside the U.S

With a reputation for client support, a reasonable fee structure and integration with QuickBooks accounting software, Intuit Merchant Services providean excellent payment gateway for online businesses. For the small-to-medium business entering the e-commerce arena, Intuit has what you need to process credit cards online.


PayPal, Intuit, Stripe, 2CheckOut and Authorize all have their pros and cons, and all are great options for online payment gateways. Depending on your business field, size, and location, select the most suitable one for your eCommerce website.

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  1. Olga says:

    Thanks for an informative post!
    I am partly using Paypal for collecting my payments. I just have a regular account for customers who wish to pay using Paypal. For card payments I am using our local (Europe) gateway Paysera. I chad to ask for some help setting up multiple payment options on the site, however since then everything works fine and i am really happy with my choice. Paypal option is quite popular among my customers.

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