4 Typical Misconceptions About E-commerce Websites Using WordPress

You are a web developer, an IT specialist, a WordPress expert, or simply a blogger. You might love using WordPress, or you might prefer other online platforms. If you are a WordPress lover, have you ever heard of the fallacy about using WordPress for e-business? Or if you dislike WordPress, have you ever wondered whether what you have always thought about WordPress is actually inaccurate? Let’s discuss the 4 typical misconceptions about using WordPress on e-commerce websites and you can find your own answer.


1. WordPress is a low-quality CMS

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WordPress is famous for its user-friendly interface and for being free of charge; it is therefore widely considered as low-quality. That assessment is definitely not true. WordPress can handle big sites with thousands of products, members and payments. A lot of big brands put their trust in WordPress. For instance, Forbes, Sony, ebay, Fortune, WooThemes, and so on. Does this fact clear your mind of worry?

If you plan to build an online store using WordPress, in fact, it’s not totally “free”. You need to invest a small portion of your budget in a domain and host, and sometimes in an eye-catching theme or helpful plugins. With its low cost and efficiency, WordPress is by far one of the most cost-effective CMS solutions.

As your site’s loading time and efficiency are vital to your online store’s performance, we recommend that you install the WP Super CaChe or W3 ToTal Cache plugin to maximize and speed up your site. Make sure that your store keeps pace with your strongest rivals in the industry.


2. WordPress lacks security

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WordPress users are often concerned about the safety and security of the WordPress system. They are afraid that their sites will be the potential target for hackers or vulnerable to a system crash. Errors and failures in check-out and payment processes are other major concerns. By now, most e-commerce security plugins and payment processor have fraud protection features. Rest assured that your store is safe using WordPress.

Our suggestion is that you should apply all of the security recommendations of WordPress. For instance, using secure hosting, frequently updating, strengthening passwords, keeping a backup, and trying to avoid free themes from unknown sources.

Overall, the most important factor is the server. We recommend that you look for a good server. Dedicated hosting would be best solution for speed, and it’s better to use SSL Certificates for more security.


3. WordPress doesn’t enable e-commerce functions

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As per recent research, many shop owners and WordPress users don’t appreciate the e-commerce features of WordPress. While it is true that WordPress was originally created for blogs and magazines, WordPress has helped millions of entrepreneurs succeed through their WordPress-based online store.

There are hundreds of plugins, extensions, and add-ons to enable all the functions of an e-commerce website. Adding a shopping cart, showing order information, solving delivery request will be as easy as pie. How can you find the best plugins for your store? Check out the 10 Best WooCommerce Extensions and Add-ons for your own reference.

Furthermore, WordPress supports different payment gateways according to these following criteria: company needs, business sector, size, geography, budget, and so on. We have listed out The 5 Best Payment Gateways for e-commerce WordPress Websites to help you identify the pros and cons of each gateway and select the most suitable one for your online store.

4. Using WordPress, you are on your own

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Hubspot – a big marketing automation platform has posted on their page about WordPress that “Unless you hire a consultant to work with you, you are on your own”. While it is true that WordPress doesn’t have an office that you can physically approach, and that you should create a site according to your own preferences, you are not alone in this community. With more than 10 years of operation, approximately 140 million downloads, and a community of more than 10 million websites, thousands of people are connected via the WordPress platform.

Almost every theme and plugin has its own support forum so that users can easily ask for assistance, leave comments, or share their experiences with others. Not to mention, WordPress has a large community on Linkedin Group, which consists of nearly 50,000 members. For instance, WordPress Group, WooCommerce Group, WordPress e-commerce Plugin Group… It is a global society, where web developers, IT specialists, bloggers, or any individual can talk about new products, show off their project, seek advice, or help others with their own experience. WordPress Linkedin Group is obviously one of the most dynamic, helpful and diverse communities I’ve ever joined. You’ll never feel alone in the WordPress world.


After getting through all the 4 points in this blog, are you confident to pick WordPress as one of the best platforms for e-commerce? If you are still wondering whether WordPress is an ideal platform to choose, have a look at this analysis.

Stay in touch with us for more interesting blogs in the future, and please join us by leaving your comments below. We’re eager to hear from you about other misconceptions that we might have missed. Thank you!

One thought on “4 Typical Misconceptions About E-commerce Websites Using WordPress”

  1. James says:

    Hi Xuan,

    I have used wordpress as a blogging platform (and currently also use for my business); however never for a straight ecommerce site.

    Right now I am looking for an alternative to the ecommerce platform I am using and wordpress is on the radar.

    Reading your article gave me more confidence to explore its use for my current needs.

    Do you have any suggestions for the ‘better’ plugin for checkout functionality?

    Thanks Xuan,

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